Jeff at the Metropolitan Opera House, May 8, 2017.

Classical.me is a conversation about classical music: its tremendous beauty, complexity, history, and multifaceted artistry that has stood the test of time for centuries. From the earliest sacred and secular music of the Renaissance, through the titanic symphonies and concerti of the Romantic period, to the provocative new music of today, I know of no other art form that excites, inspires, and enthralls like classical music. This site aims to chronicle my personal adventures through classical music — including concerts, recordings, articles, and random musings — with the hope that others may come to discover and share in this extraordinary music.

My name is Jeff. I’m a Los Angeles-based former violinist and professional in the tech industry who now spends far more time listening to music than practicing. You can find out more about me here, or feel free to contact me here.

Please join me on this journey through classical music, and I hope you enjoy what you find!